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Managed IT and Security Solutions

We offer a variety of options for your business using a unified security solution from our partners and vendors we work with closely to help protect our clients. Do you want a complete IT solution to take on daily security and patch management tasks? We have just the products that can complete your security posture and take away many of those daily IT tasks you may not be staffed for. With our solutions IT will become less stressful and can be monitored daily by a single administrator or a team of IT staff. Give us a call 440-530-0218 and we can see if our products we support are a good fit for your business.

Solution Examples

  • Unified Anti-Virus solution
  • Patch and update management
  • Device and Network Monitoring
  • Web Protection
  • Data Breach and Risk Intelligence
  • Email Security
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions

Website Vulnerability Assessments

Basic Website Scan

Small repairs and solutions advice or basic insight into major security weaknesses. This also comes with a final report overview and discussion on potential solutions with business or developer.

Basic Website Penetration Test

This includes direct basic intrusion testing and further in-depth analysis using custom tools and resources. This will come with research into found by our professionals into all discovered vulnerabilities and final report.

Full Website Penetration Test and Assessment

Includes full intrusion attempts and full insight into your website security using everything we got in the tool shed. This will include assistance in resolving security matters that are a serious threat to the business. Full report and discussion included report at the conclusion of the test.

Website Services

  • Website Design or Security Services

This includes providing changes to existing security services to your existing website. We also can help get your new business site off the ground let us know and we more than likely can assist with your website needs.

  • CMS or Managed Hosting Web Services

Need help with cPanel or a Website hosting service like GoDaddy or HostGator? Let us help give us a call or email us and we can help you get your services setup and secure.

…And much more call or contact us 440-530-0218 and

Network Vulnerability Testing


  • Basic Network Assessment

We conduct a basic assessment and discovery to check for noticeable vulnerabilities in your business. We also evaluate major security weaknesses and discuss potential solutions or options. This includes a scan and basic assessment of wireless services.

  • Full Penetration Test and Assessment

Here is were we take a even deeper dive and look for all common flaws or vulnerabilities in systems like Databases or Intranet sites like SharePoint. We evaluate password policies and attempt a full effort penetration test to simulate multiple attack vectors including wireless infrastructure.

  • Wireless Infrastructure Testing

Install a new wireless access point upgrade and want to make sure security is locked down? We can help we have many scripts and tools to try to stress test your wireless environment. This comes included with the above testing or can be done as a separate audit.


Network Security Services


  • IT Security Policies and Compliance

Need help with drafting up proper security policies for you company let us know we have great experience in designing the right policy based on the company requirements. Many small companies cannot have full time onsite IT staff which when it comes to basic standard policies some don’t know were to start we can help guide you in installing the proper IT security policy to safeguard your business in case of incident.


  • Incident Response Services

Believe you been infected or attacked? let us know we can help narrow down your threat and assist your team in the discovery of the attack. We also do Malware removal and forensic work to give a detail incident report to your company. Using the latest Forensic tools we can help track down that pesky threat and eliminate it from your network.

General IT or Network Services


  • Server or Equipment Installation

Need help setting up a server or even a switch let us know we can help! We have many years of installing our own servers throughout our careers even in our own houses!

  • Cabling or Patch Panel Installation

Have a new building or area that needs cabled we can help there too. Many of our guys spent years on the inside of a network and have many years running cable even installing Fiber Optic. Let us know how we can help service your cabling needs.

  • Firewall or HIDS / IDS

We install and configure all firewall brands including Cisco ASA or DELL SonicWALL appliances. We also offer our customers options like the installation of Open Source Linux HIDS/IDS or host intrusion detection systems to help protect your on premise assets. These can help as a cost effective means to safeguard your network definitely a hot topic in the security community.

  • Managed Network Solutions

Overwhelmed with trying to maintain you on premise devices you can make things easy by using our recommended Remote Monitoring and Management solutions. We find the perfect Managed service solution for your network devices which includes many features to help take on those day to day tasks.

  • Office 365 Support

We offer general services including setting up or completing a task needed inside your Office 365 subscription. We can help migrate domains setup email policies and much more. From start to finish we can aide in getting your 365 up and going for your business.

  • Wireless

As the digital age moves on the devices are getting more mobile than ever. We can help you setup MDM systems to monitor your offsite assets. We also can assist your IT staff or your business keep your mobile devices safe and secure by incorporating security / compliance rules in place.

  • General IT Support

Just need a hand with the day to day tasks or have a major upgrade and need assistance we help your team reach your goal! We support all network devices and can help assist you or your IT staff in completing them time restraint projects. Support desk access here –

  • Home or Residential IT

We have great techs many of whom have amazing experience in installing security cameras or handle any of your in-home tech needs. We cover Home Theater systems or custom cabling for those who want to improve their home networks for example installing a new wireless access point on another floor we can help! We fix laptops or Desktop computers even custom networking if you need help installing a new router for example we got you covered.

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